Tesla Model X 2020 Review, Pricing, and Specs


The 2020 Tesla Model X may be the greenest and the fastest way for seven people who are mountainous and sluggish. As the crossover cousin to the brand’s iconic Model S sedan, the X is truly practical, with all-wheel drive, a high-tech cabin with room for up to seven and striking but fussy eagle wing doors. Two models are offered, both have a driving range of over 300 miles, and each has an impressive quick thanks to two onboard electric motors; The Model X also handles quite well for such a heavy SUV, thanks to the fact that its batteries are mounted in the floor, creating a low center of gravity. The cabin is snazzy and rich in technology, but those expecting outright luxury will be disappointed.

What’s new for 2020?

It is difficult to know what is new on the 2020 Model X because Tesla makes frequent changes to its products every calendar year, unlike almost every other automaker. According to a blog post on its consumer site, Tesla speeds up more efficient electric motors, faster charging through more robust onboard chargers, and a fully adaptive air suspension system. Tesla is also testing a new version of the model S-Model X’s sedan cousin at Germany’s famous Nürburgring race course. It has also teased an advanced powertrain and hinted at a new plaid mode performance driving setting that may eventually be available on both the S and X models.

Pricing and which one to buy

Long Range: $ 81,190
Performance: $ 101,190

The performance model with the Ludicross mode will certainly be the most fun, but it is quite expensive and its 305-mile estimated driving range is not as long as the less expensive Long Range model, so we’ll save $ 20,000. The Long Range model offers 20 more miles of estimated driving range and still seems quicker thanks to the immediacy of electric motors’ power delivery.

Engine, Transmission and Performance

All Model Xs come standard with two electric motors — one on the front axle and the other in the rear — which enable them with all-wheel-drive capability. The Standard Long Range model is quick and Tesla boasts a zero to 60 mph time of 4.4 seconds. A high-performance version is also offered that comes with a 305-mile range and a claimed-zero-60-mph time of 2.7 seconds when its Ludicus mode is connected. Handling is respectable, but the Model X’s party move is actually the strong acceleration generated by its electric motors.

Range, Charging and Battery Life

The Model X comes standard with a larger battery to cover a claimed 325-mile driving range; Upgrading to a faster performance model reduces the estimated driving range to 305 miles. Recharging is accelerated through one of Tesla’s superchargers, which are located nationwide. Charging at home via a 240V or 120V connection would be slower, but probably more convenient for owners, so Tesla offers in-house charging equipment for purchase.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

Among all other electric SUVs, the Model X boasts the highest MPG rating from the EPA. The long-range model earned ratings of 99 city, 93 highway and 96 MPGe. Even the performance model, which sacrifices some efficiency for faster acceleration, surpasses major rivals such as the Jaguar i-Pace and Audi e-tron SUVs in this metric.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

A stark and almost buttonless interior design is the classic Tesla. The Model X’s unique windshield / glass roof runs radically from the base of the hood above the front seat passengers for an almost uninterrupted view of what’s ahead and beyond. Despite these whiz-bang features, the Model X’s cabin leaves us wanting, especially given its price that could easily break the six-figure barrier, with non-reclining air vents, wrong panels, and flat-backed seats. With those that do not offer adequate adjustment. .